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7 Welcome To London

posted 9 Mar 2012 04:43 by Amer Shoib
7 Welcome To London is a grisly thriller crafted in a gritty manner to draw on contemporary UK issues. Can Asad Shan blend the romance of Hindi cinema with a hint of Guy Ritchie’s gangster classics?

Jai, a hard-working young Punjabi man from Delhi arrives in London, leaving behind his debt-ridden family, to fulfil his dream of a better future. Initially, luck shines on Jai (Asad Shan) . Whilst discovering London, he forms an unlikely friendship on a ghetto estate with a best friend Goldie (Aliakbar Campwala) , and furthermore his life is injected with a rainbow when unexpectedly he finds love on the underground with Simran (Sabeeka Imam).  But Jai’s happiness is short-lived, and he is completely unprepared for what lies ahead. One phone call changes everything. Jai is left trapped in a dark and dangerous existence where only a jungle law exists. The hunt is on and he is running on quicksand. Can our hero save him self and his lady love?

Music wise the stand out songs are the sufi infused Yaadhan that is a very upbeat track and has the perfect blend of Punjabi, Urdu and English lyrics packaged in the most hummable manner. Falak has done an amazing job with the hit tracks Tera Saath Ho and Mera Mann. While the other tracks  Hum Adhoray and Rog are also wonderful. The soundtrack  is a breathe of fresh air as cool as this ground breaking film.

Writer, producer director and actor Asad Shan has taken on a massive under taking. First of all let us come to the writer and director part of his job. Asad has done a wonderful job of mixing up the typical Hinidi cinema boy meets girl romance and adding a twist of the gangster genre Guy Ritchie style. For Hindi film fans he has referenced famous scenes from classics like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and wonderfully woven into the blossoming romance between Jai and Simran. While also referencing the iconic Rajnikant with his comedy scenes between Jai and his pal Goldie. While later on as the film takes a twist, referencing the classic Dilip Kumar film Vidhatta on being the guardian of ones own destiny.

Asad has proven that he is a very remarkable writer by combing his love of Hindi and Hollywood cinema to give this production a very unique flavour. Full marks for him doing this in his first film. The narrative of the film is brilliantly handled by Asad. Whose strong characterisation of Jai and all the characters he encounters takes us the viewer on a scenic tour of East London to the darker side of London life with ease. I am sure the audiences are going to love the romantic interludes between the leads and the touching moments between two friends. The characters are very real and the film keeps you riveted towards the end. Full marks to Asad as writer and director, we have a brilliant talent that will set the world of cinema alive with this trail blazing film.     

Now to come to Asad as the lead actor, he brilliantly plays the straight forward Punjabee boy who comes to London for a better life. We are totally taken in by the ease of which Asad plays the loveable romantic hero. His romantic scenes with the heroine are very pleasing and touching . He also comes out on top in the many song and dance numbers in the film. For his first acting debut Asad could give many Hinidi film stars with two left feet a good run for their money. Especially touching are his scenes with his pal Goldie, very well done to Asad for bringing this out in his acting and yes he is ultra cool in the action scenes also. A job very well done for Asad who has hit the ground running with his excellent acting debut.

Sabeeka Imam is excellent as the Shah Rukh Khan obsessed leading lady. She brings the right amount of freshness and innocence into her role and is a joy to watch. Her scenes with Asad are a joy to watch and we look forward to many more good things from her. Aliakbar Campwala as Goldie is a sheer delight to watch. His scenes with Asad are both heart warming and touching. He is excellent as the loveable friend and full marks for his acting in the film. The bad guys played by Tom Hibbard and Javed Khan do well as gangsters who have come out of the East End. Given able support by the supporting bad guys that include Musa Ahmet.  

Crash , bang , wallop Asad Shan we salute you for giving us a Brit Asian film to be very proud of. The leading actors of Hindi cinema had better watch out, a new star has risen and he is a Brit/ Asian. A superb debut film that will have you mesmerised until the end. A new king has arrived, Asad Shan take a bow and I hope Miramax Films are watching.

Drop every thing and go and watch this excellent film that combines the romantic pot boilers of Hindi cinema with a touch of gangsterism for good measure.

I  know leave it to the audiences to go and make their own minds up.


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