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We are always seeking talented individuals who would like to contribute, if your are interested then feel free to contact us.

Amer Shoib - Entertainment Correspondent
Amer Shoib has been a huge fan of cinema from childhood. He cites his favourite actors being; Al Pacino, Amitabh Bachchan, Bruce Lee and he is a huge James Bond fan.

Amer works in Whitehall and in recent years a dream has come true where he has become a part time entertainment correspondent. Amer has interviewed some of the biggest figures in entertainment, the media and major celebrities. He now wants to bring to all those who love the movies the best film reviews, interviews that Hollywood, Hindi cinema and Pakistani cinema has to offer.


Joseph Refugio - Entertainment Correspondent

Joseph is an avid cinema-goer (approximately 2 visits a week) and has been a fan of cinema from an early age. His interest started with watching old westerns and black & white movies as a child and he has seen his casual interest grow into a fascination.  He follows the work of a few directors, namely the Coen brothers, Pierre Morel, Fred Cavayé, Christopher Nolan and Darren Aronofsky. He wishes to bring his passion for film forward and share his thoughts and opinions with others through TheCinemaJournal.com.

Tannu Israr - Entertainment Correspondent
Tannu is a bubbly personality and works for the largest Asian Radio Station in the UK, Sunrise Radio. As her radio persona - Ruby Raza - she has over 10 years of radio experience, having interviewed and met many Hindi Film Stars.
Tannu's passion for Hindi music and cinema has led her to come to theCinemaJournal.com to share her honest and personal opinions with the world.

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