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Top Cat

posted 27 May 2012 23:26 by Amer Shoib

Can the classic Top Cat 1960s Hanna Barbera cartoon make the leap to the big screen and appeal to a new generation?


Top Cat and the gang Benny the Ball, Fancy Fancy, Spook and Brains face a new police chief Strickland, who is not at all happy with officer Dibble's performance in trying to prevent Top Cat's scams. Strickland, the new police chief with the help of a bullying robot police force, will test Top Cat and his gang while proving to be the greatest foe Top Cat has ever encountered. Can Top Cat officer Dibble and the old gang out wit the new police chief and restore order?


The director Alberto Mar has done a commendable job in bringing the loveable characters from the original cartoon. But, it fails to make the jump to the big screen, while it does a good job of showcasing many of those great stories about this curious gang and their leader. The gang do deliver the classic lines but in the age of Toy Story and Shrek the film plays out like an extended cartoon. In the screening there were very young children who were not amused at what was happening. The film did not have them laughing along, unlike the recent Puss in Boots that was hilarious.


The screenplay of the film should have been more exciting and the humour a lot more wittier than it was. It will appeal to adults who grew up on it but the children of today are much more sophisticated on what they like. Top Cat the film comes across as a period piece and should have been updated into the modern era.


The film will appeal to those who have found memories of the 1960s tv show. Top Cat as a film does not work and the new generation of kids are too sophisticated to go and enjoy this film.


I leave it now to the audience to make their own minds up.


Verdict: 2/5




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