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One to one with Humaima Malick of BOL fame

posted 25 Mar 2012 07:26 by Amer Shoib
It was my pleasure to interview the beautiful actress Humaima Malick, in London as part of the world famous Tongues on Fire film festival. Her debut film BOL was being shown at the festival and Humaima was there to attend the screening and for the question and answer session that followed the packed screening

Humaima Malick had the looks that thrust her onto the modelling frontier in the tender age of 14. Then went on to rule the fashion world, The beauty belongs to the heart of Quetta; standing 5'7" she is the most sought after face in the industry today. She is considered the queen of the supermodel explosion that started over a decade ago. She has now emerged as an international actress as an eminent character in Shoaib Mansoor’s latest release - BOL. Now she is all set to rock the silver screen with her flamboyant eyes, eloquent speech and poignant acting skills.

Amer: How does it feel being honoured by Tongues on Fire and sitting in the same room as legends like Dilip Kumar?
Humaima: I feel very honoured to be representing Pakistan and humbled that am sitting in the same green room as Dilip sahab.

Amer: Humaima how did you approach the role of Zainab and how did you go about researching the character you play? How do you feel about getting so much kudos for your debut film? 
Humaima: I left the characterisation of Zainab to Shoib sahab and took things from there. I would say my debut could never have been this way with out BOL, I give Shoib Mansour a big salute that all this has been possible. What ever I am today is because of BOL.

Amer: Did you know at the time that the film would be seen as being a very bold and that it would have a certain affect on people watching it?
Humaima: I think that you should take the film home with you for at least three days. 

Amer: What was the most difficult scene to film in BOL and what kind of feed back are you getting from Pakistani women who have seen the film?
Humaima: The most difficult scene was when I was being slapped by my father. In Pakistan I got tears in my eyes from the reaction on the premiere day, people want down on their knees. Looking at me and wanted to touch me and wanted to reach me. And they called me the face of Pakistan, a woman of substance.  

Amer: Do agree that Lollywood cinema has come of age on the international scene , with films like  BOL?
Humaima: I think Muslims living around the world have loved it and it was a very strong subject for being my debut film.

Amer: How do you react when you are told you are a role model and ambassador for Pakistan?
Humaima: Well it is every Pakistani girls dream to be where I am.

Amer: What has your journey been like from model , tv star to film star?Also your in the sexiest list of Eastern Eye, but I do believe you should have been number one?
Humaima: I have been representing a lot of big brands in Pakistan. The journey from modelling to BOL has really been great and now I love acting that has become my passion now. I want to do more and more now. I feel good being a Pakistani and sexy in clothes. 

Amer : I understand you admire Amitabh a great deal, reason for this is and who are your idols in Hollywood and why?
Humaima: Yes I am and I adore Richard Gere also, I like mature actors

Amer : What are the forthcoming films?
Humaima: I am working on two Indian films, one with Ram Gopal Verma and the other with Nikhil Advani.

Amer: Would you consider being a Bond girl?
Humaima: Yes I would , but would require me to do action

Amer: Your message to your fans is?
Humaima: You should speak your heart and your mind.


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