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Johnny Lever one to one

posted 3 May 2012 11:17 by Amer Shoib
It was my pleasure to interview the legendary comedian Johnny Lever, who Is all set to face a Live Audience performing in three major cities across the UK. Jays Entertainment proudly presents International renowned Award Winner Actor & Comedian Johnny Lever in a must see stand up comedy.  Johnny returns to the UK for the first time in seven years.

Amer: How does it feel that Housefull 2 is  a massive hit and why have you been away for such a long time from films?
Johnny: I feel very honoured that my film has tickled the funny bones of the audience. I have been away so the new comers could create a name for them selves.

Amer: Do you enjoy coming to the UK?
Johnny: I love coming to London to do shows and shoot my films here. 

Amer: What has been the reaction from your fans to your shows here in the UK?
Johnny: Well it is been simply over whelming, the UK audience have loved my shows .

Amer: Who have been your idols when you were growing up?
Johnny: Well I have always admired Johnny Walker, Kishore Kumar, Mehmood, Jagdeep and Kader bhai.

Amer: Who did you love working with and your favourite film of yours is?
Johnny: I loved working with Govinda and Kader bhai and my favourite film that has me in it is Baazigaar.

Amer: Do you believe that the value of comedians has gone up now? 
Johnny: I think that people love to be amused and they love us comedians ,who have been very busy entertaining.

Amer: Your message to your fans is Johnny bhai?
Johnny: Thank you so much for all your love and affection that you have shown me over the years. I thank allah for giving me the chance to make every one laugh and we should all continue to laugh in these tough times. 

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